Why is MACHULU free?

MACHULU is free for everyone. For those of you trying to solve challenges and vendors offering solutions (and solving their own challenges). It’s free since we believe in Win-Win for everyone. We only get paid once we delivered what we’re here for, once we solve a challenge by making a match between challenge and solution.

In case there’s a match, and a deal is set between the 2 sides, the vendors who got paid will pay us a commission based on their activity and earnings via the platform. That’s how we keep the platform free and that’s why we offer everyone free tools such as Internal Innovation toolsinternal solutions management tools, and more.

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Service Fees

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MACHULU charges vendors a sliding fee based on the lifetime earning on the platform. In other words, the more business you do on the platform, the more you earn.

MACHULU charges a fee of:

  • 15% for the first $10,000 billed with clients
  • 10% for total lifetime billing between $10,000.01 and $100,000
  • 8% for total lifetime billing between $100,000.01 and $250,000
  • 6% for total lifetime billing between $250,000.01 and $100,000,000
  • 3% for total lifetime billing that exceed $1,000,000
Service fees
  • We know that our pricing model and service fees don’t always work for everyone. Still, our goal is to help all vendors find new deals and grow. If you feel like the above model doesn’t fit your business model, please contact us.
  • If you have a specific solution with low profit margins, please update us before submitting the new offering and we’ll do our best to find a commission that works well with that specific solution you offer.
  • Your commission rate will reduce over time, based on the earning the organization has in the platform over time. We calculate each deal after the payment is done. In case an organization account is canceled/closed, upon the new registration, the organization earning will be calculated as a new organization, starting from zero.
  • In case an organization has no deals (earnings from clients) in the platform for 12 months, the commission rate will increase up by one level every 12 months of being inactive. E.g. if the organization had deals of $200,000 and he’s paying 8% on each deal, after 12 months of inactivity he will pay 10%. After 3 deals with a sum of a minimum of $5,000 the organization will be back to commission level based on his total earnings on the platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer discount rates?

We have some lower rates programs, including an affiliate program, and in case our commission model doesn’t work with your pricing module.

Do you have a setup cost?

Absolutely not. All plans are month to month with no contracts, no setup fees, and no hidden gimmicks. Cancel anytime.

Can I set up a demo meeting?

Sure, you can request a demo by clicking here and picking any time that works for you.

Does MACHULU offer plans to non-profits, NGOs, and EDU organizations??

MACHULU is a proud supporter of organizations that do great things around the world. That’s why we offer discounted commissions for qualified nonprofit organizations. Please fill out this form, and our team will get back to you with any applicable discounts.

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We’re committed to supporting you through COVID-19

If you have a challenge or solution related to COVID-19, we promise not to charge any fees from either the vendors or the challenge owner in order to help the economy grow and overcome COVID-19.

Just send us a message with your challenge and we’ll do our best to help.