Making the world accessible for everyone

Our vision in MACHULU is to enhance the lives of people with disabilities and the elderly around the world. We want to ensure that everyone will have equal opportunities to fulfill their dreams and potential.
Our Accessibility Solutions Recommendations Engine will help you find solutions to your business accessibility requirements.
Either it’s an online, service, or physical business, you need to make sure it’s accessible to everyone in the best possible way. MACHULU will help you achieve that.
There are different regulations, needs, and many other solutions to help everyone live better, equal lives in an equal society.

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Join the most growing community of solution providers for people with disabilities, find new opportunities, and solve your organization’s challenges with our set of unique tools.

Find New Opportunities

Find New Opportunities

If you are a vendor that offers solutions that serve people with disabilities or elderly audience challenges, please join us with a free account.

MACHULU will show you the most relevant business opportunities for your business and deliver them directly to your inbox.
Businesses, service providers, consultants, individuals, and startups with solutions that match our vision and goal? Register to a free account and start receiving new opportunities.

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Make My Business Accessible

We’ve developed an AI-based algorithm that can help you make your business inclusive and accessible. Either it’s a virtual or physical business, people with disabilities should be able to access what you offer in the same way as everyone. Doing so will help them as much as it helps your business grow.
Register today, tell us your challenge, and our algorithm will match you with the most relevant, tested, and best-rated solution.

Accessibility Solutions Recommendation Engine

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free profile
Business opportunities
new business opportunities
solve challenges, fast!​
solve challenges, fast!​
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grow your business

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Find New Opportunities

Register your organization with a free account and start receiving new business opportunities right to your mailbox.


Main Benefits for Vendors

Fair Competition

Our matching engine is agnostic to your size and lets you compete fairly with the big players in your market in a fair way, exposing you to new markets and customers you weren't exposed to.

More Time

Have more time for the things that matter. Opportunities will arrive at you with much less effort in sales and marketing. That gives you time to manage your business, take that vacation you always wanted, grow your business... follow your dreams.

Full Control

Manage your organization profile and gain full control of your privacy, increase online presence, add solutions, use cases, and customers recommendations.

More Opportunities

Other than meeting new customers, remember that any employee can open a challenge. That gives you direct access to the challenge owner instead of working with one or two contact persons in the organization.


Management now has a clear vision of the challenges and opportunities in their organization. Enabling you to take decisions on what to tackle next, in alignment with the organization strategy and resources.

Real Partnership

We're partners to your success - no business for you means no business for us. We believe in Win-Win for you, your customers, and us.

where your organization become accessible

Find Solutions

MACHULU’s AI helps any organization make their business accessible. It doesn’t matter if you have a physical store, an online platform, a school, or any other type of business; if you want to make it accessible, we got you covered.
Making your business accessible means more customers able to do business with you. We’re talking about at least 20% more.

Customers with disabilities should be able to access what you offer in the same way as everyone. In fact, people don’t have disabilities; it’s your business that’s not accessible. We can help you change that.

Register today, tell us about your business, and our algorithm will match you with the most relevant, tested, and best-rated solution to your specific needs. There’s no need for endless meetings, consultants, research, tests, and negotiations. Go straight from challenge to solution.

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