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MACHULU smart engine can help you ensure your business or organization is accessible to different peoples with disabilities. It doesn’t matter if you have a physical store, an online platform, a school, or any other type of business; if you want to make it accessible, we got you covered.

Making your business accessible means:

  • Grow customer base. We’re talking about at least 20% more.
  • Increase employees’ and customers’ satisfaction levels.
  • New products and services opportunities.
  • Changing culture.
  • Pluralistic work environment.
  • Enchase productivity.

Customers with disabilities should be able to access what you offer in the same way as everyone. In fact, people don’t have disabilities; it’s your business that’s not accessible. We can help you change that.

Register today, tell us about your business, and our algorithm will analyze your gaps to be more accessible and match you with the most relevant, tested, and best-rated solution to your specific needs.

Amazing benefits for closing the gap with MACHULU

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Solve Other Challenges

Although we focus on bringing the best accessibility solutions, we know, that like any organization, you have other challenges as well.
That’s why we’ve developed tools to help you solve those internally or with the help of our community.

Our Ideation tool helps you solve specific challenges using the power of the crowd.
MACHULU is available to anyone in your organization so that they can always think about the next big thing and solve it on their own or with the help of a dedicated team (internal or external).

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