Challenge Definition

This tool* will help you better define your challenge. You can use it on your own, as part of a workshop, and when you’re submitting a new challenge in MACHULU.

It will help you submit better challenges and find the right solutions.

* All rights reserved to InovaZone and MACHULU, in accordance with our terms of Service.

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3 Step to refine your challenge?

Follow our simple process and you’ll end up with a refind challenge you can take to the next step and start looking for a solution.

Why should you refind the challenge?

Well, sometimes we have a problem which is hard to explain, sometimes the problem we think of is not the actual root cause for the problem. This process will help you make sure you have the right challenge definition.

Follow these 4 steps:

Your Inspiration Card​ for step 2 (inspiration). Refresh the page for a new card.

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